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​​ ​Terms
When signing a horse/pony over to us we ask that a declaration is signed by yourself to state that the horse does belong to you and you are happy for us to take all responsability and rights to the animal. We also politely request that no visits are made to ensure they are 'doing ok'.

​All non 'genuine' rescues must be signed over with a £250 fee per horse, this will cover costs of transport and passports

​Each pony has an adoption fee that is non refundable if they are returned, you will also be required to pay the transport cost.
About Us
Moo-Haven was founded following the loss of a very dear horse, Monty.

Monty came to us in 2007 and was a very handsome 16.1hh grey gelding. Monty settled in quickly but exhibited a few behavioural problems that we were neither expecting nor prepared for. He would squeal and kick as we tried to put his rug on him and when we did finally get it on him he’d bite it to pieces so it couldn’t be used. Monty also refused to be groomed and would bite and kick when we tried to groom him.

Veterinary advice didn’t highlight any obvious problems so we continued to work with Monty, whom we now affectionately called Moo, to try to overcome his problems. After a lot of effort he seemed to improve but winter was drawing in again so our time with Moo was limited.

The following Spring we took Moo to a show where he nearly caused serious injuries. We took him home and once again he was calm and passive… We had no idea where to turn. The unexpected behaviour we had seen manifested itself again when Moo became aggressive, pinning a person in a shed for 2 hours.

Having read about some of the issues Moo was exhibiting, we called the vet again as we suspected he was a rig (a male horse that is carrying either one or two testicles concealed in its abdomen, making it visually appear to be a gelding, while behaving like a stallion), even though he had castration scars.

Tests subsequently revealed Moo was a rig. He was sent off to Newmarket so he would receive the best veterinary care possible. Moo was found to have two testicles and a tumour. He never came home.

It seemed Moo had simply been passed from pillar to post, with nobody giving him the care and attention he had needed. It was likely there were other horses like Moo who don’t get the treatment they need and deserve. Moo-Haven was formed to help horses like Moo, with a meagre 3 acres. We now have 22 acres and our herd is growing.

Our Mission

Moo-Haven takes in needy horses who, through no fault of their own, haven't got the loving homes and owners they deserve. The horses currently in our care have been neglected and sometimes abused, or tossed aside and abandoned without a care. Our rescue horses are given the best possible care and treatment, with the hope that they'll one day make a great companion for a rider and enjoy the love they didn't have before. This is why we desperately need donations from other horse lovers, to give our rescue horses the futures they deserve.