Frequently asked questions

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    Does the horse/pony stay in Moo Havens name?
    Yes, you will take the passport but it will remain in Moo Havens name to ensure the safety of the rescue pony you have.
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    Is it a one off fee when I adopt?
    Yes, once you have paid the adoption fee there is nothing else to pay to us, the horse/pony will be your responsibility for feet, teeth, dentist etc.
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    Can I bring the horse/pony back
    Of course, we are your safety net, if for any reason you cannot look after the pony you have adopted, they can return to us, as long as we have 30 days notice
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    Can I change its name?
    You can call the horse/pony by whatever name you see fit, however we ask that the passport name doesn't change. We have given some of these ponies names that mean a lot to us.
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    Can I sell the horse/pony if it doesn't work out
    No, the horse/pony belong to Moo Haven and is a loan scheme only.
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    Who pays the transport cost?
    You will be responsible for all transport costs
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    Can I update you with their progress?
    Yes, of course but we ask that you join the Moo Haven adoptees Facebook page and log your progress and pictures on there. We receive hundreds of messages everyday to rehome animals and need to keep these our top priority.
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    Can I visit if I sign a pony over?
    We have an annual open day and you are welcome to visit, we are not a visitor centre and reply on volunteers therefore we cannot guarantee the number of staff on a certain day.