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We are pleased to say the council are looking into our dispute with the water company and we hope to have a good resolution soon. Unfortunately the water companies have shown little compassion, we are disapointed that a multi pound company who are supposed to have the communities interest as one of their main concerns, allow a charity to suffer financially. We thank everyone for their kind donations and we are confident of a good outcome.

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Find Your New Best Friend

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  This area is full of animals that are ready to go to their new homes.

The horses have an adoption fee (varies depending on the horse) which means  you take them away and you keep them for as long as you are willing. The horses will only be returned to our care if you cannot look after them any more after circumstances changing or we take them back because we don’t believe you are looking after them to a basic standard. 
The horses are never sold!

Monty Moo and Linda


12.2hh(ish) 7 year old chestnut welsh part bred, very sharp not suitable for a novice, is ok on a lead rein but not a first pony. Recently returned as too much for his small jockey. A cheeky chap who need a routine, Jack can also be used as a companion pony. He will winter out with a rug.


Currently in foster

​Approx 2 year old grey gelding. A sweet boy with a lovely character, good to trim and worm. Mojo is a complete blank canvas we have done absolutely nothing with him apart from groom and walk.

​Due back early 2020

Currently in foster

​2 year old coloured gelding with a lovely character, good to trim and worm. Kripkie is a complete blank canvas we have done absolutely nothing with him apart from groom and walk.

​Due back early 2020


Approx 5 years old brought to us by the horse bailiff therefore we have no history at all. Angus is happily hacking out in company, he is very green and unsure in a schooling environment. Loves to be groomed, especially likes attention to his feathers and is happy for you to spray, comb and tug for hours on end. 

Angus is approx 12.2hh but can carry an adult up to 11 stone with ease.  Angus has been in a pony party environment and behaved perfectly around groups of children. 

He has shown a small amount of food aggression with other horses, we have seen no aggression when sharing hay.

Oscar (brown and white)

Well what can we say... a typical Shetland pony. Approx 6 years old, Oscar is very dominant in the field and is not suitable as a childs pony he will however make an excellent companion pony and/or in hand show pony. He is good to groom, trim, worm and load.


11.2hh section A chestnut mare currently under assesment


Abandoned on a road side Audrey is approx 3 years old and around 13hh. She is, as expected very nervous and we believe she has been abused in the past, we have just started her rehabilitation and are confident she will prove to be and asset to any horsey home. We estimate her rehoming date to be early 2020.

Miranda and Sylvia 
Sylvia reserved

Miranda came to us heavily in foal and in May of this year presented us with Sylvia. Sylvia has been reserved by one of our loaners and will begin her journey in December.
Miranda will be available early 2020 after assesment. We have no history as she was brought in by the horse bailiff however is good to trim and worm, she has also learnt to walk on a lead rein whilst here!


Scooby came to us as an uncatchable pony, he is very nervous but does responds well to a routine. He is around 12hh, passport age states 10 years old however we believe him to be a little bit older.
Good to trim, load and travel.