1. Tonic (Left) RESERVED
    Cob - 7 years old
    Tonic was the subject of an abandonment, she has settled in well and has been well treated in the past. Now introduced to the herd she is proving to be a well balanced mare. Her ridden assessments will begin w/c 01/07/2017.
  2. Spritzer (Right) REHOMED
    Cob x - Approx 18 months old
    Spritzer was collected along with Tonic, as a youngster Spritzer has shown a few signs of fear. We are working hard to gain her trust, the initial results have been really good and we expect Spritzer to be available for adoption in approx 4 weeks.
  3. Paloma
    Cob - 2 years old
    Paloma was another abandoned pony suffering with lice, worms and an infection in her stomach. She has been successfully treated for all of her ailments and is proving to be a laid back friendly filly. She has gained weight but still has a little way to go. Paloma should be available for adoption in approx 3 months.
  4. Mr McCracken
    Section A x Cob - 6 Months old
    Blue and white friendly halter broken colt. Mr McCracken is a delight to be around. Should make around 12.3/13hh Please email or call for more information.
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